About US

Ward Diesel Filter Systems has been manufacturing and installing exhaust filtration solutions in the fire industry for more than 30 years. We are committed to the health, safety, and well-being of the men and women in the fire service, specializing in the mitigation of harmful diesel exhaust effects. Our No Smoke filter systems are apparatus mounted, allowing for portability and indoor protection, greater flexibility for movement of an apparatus within the station, and on-scene protection. 

An entirely in-house operation, Ward Diesel sources No Smoke system components and parts from our sister company, EL Manufacturing. Established in 2013, this relationship allows us to ensure product quality and remain American-made.

Our goal is always to provide firefighters with the tools they need to protect themselves. We are most proud of our work with IAFC/VCOS and NVFC in the development of the “Lavender Ribbon Report”. We are passionate about giving back and take pride in our involvement to raise awareness of this issue.

Our History

Ward Diesel Filter Systems was established in 1987. Henry Kaeser patented the “NO SMOKE” exhaust removal system in 1989. The apparatus-mounted system provides a “source capture” alternative to the old way of addressing the problem with hanging hoses.

Over the last 30 years, Ward Diesel Filter Systems has installed thousands of “NO SMOKE” systems on fire apparatus throughout the United States and across the world. Ward Diesel Filter Systems has developed a strong reputation for a quality product, a superior method of source capture, and an excellent track record of service after the sale.

Purchased by Scott H. Beecher in 2013, Ward Diesel has expanded its offerings to include No Smoke, No Smoke 2, and No Smoke Gas. Currently located in Horseheads, New York, Ward Diesel has continued their dedication to improving the product while increasing efforts to bring firefighter cancer awareness to the forefront. 

The original NO SMOKE system was originally designed in the 1980’s and is the system needed for vehicles with engines built prior to 2007. NO SMOKE 2 was developed in 2006 to meet exhaust removal needs for vehicles with engines built with 2007 and newer EPA emission compliant components.

Why Us

Ward Diesel is committed to offering all of our clients the most hands-on service with the best products possible. We offer the only vehicle-mounted exhaust protection system available, ensuring on-scene and portable protection. Our goal is always to save our customers both time and money, which is why each system is sold directly to the customer and installed by Ward Factory Direct Service Technicians at the customer’s facility. Serving a multitude of different markets, Ward Diesel is proud to offer some of the industry’s most advanced technology.

Customer Commitment

At Ward Diesel Filter Systems, we are committed to providing our clients with cleaner air, inside and out. We are dedicated to reducing and mitigating the various risks firefighters face while in the line of duty. We also aim to be a leader in the fight against cancer, providing both services and information to equip the public and protect the firefighters that serve our communities.

With thousands of installations currently operating,

NO SMOKE has proven its capability and reliability to fire and rescue personnel throughout the world. We hope that you will be next to join the growing list of fire departments that have decided to protect their personnel with NO SMOKE.